Shadow of the Raven: Introduction to a New Epic Fantasy Serialization

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Hello dear readers! Welcome to the epic fantasy serialization of the story, “Shadow of the Raven.” The bottom of this page will be periodically updated as new chapters are added to the story.

Cedric is the son of a minor noble of the Duke of Engovia’s court. With the death of his mother early in his life, the chance for a normal life was lost. Being a half-blood, and with no real friends among the other nobility, Cedric lost himself in books away from most of the world. Growing up tales of heroes and villains, monsters and beasts, of struggles great and small between humanity and so many deadly foes, he eventually comes to the conclusion that he to must serve. He has decided to join the Legion…

In this first book in a new series about the dark and dangerous world of Chernia. A story of Legions of Shadow and Hordes of Darkness. A story of rugged humanity struggling to survive against the brutish Dworg of the Cavernous Deeps and the Tystalver, also called Shadow Fey. These forces and many more struggle to claim Chernia for their own, yet little do they know how small their world is in the vast planes of existence. Time will show exactly how vulnerable their shared world is to predation…

In the dim reaches of time long before our own, the world of men was a dark and terrible place. In a state of perpetual war those fledgling kingdoms and empires stood, each struggling to rise above all others, only to be cast down in destruction. To refuse to fight was to choose a life amongst the untamed wilderness, where despair ruled as rightful king and death as the scepter with which he reigned. For the men of such a time the only surety was a short, hard existence and the knowledge that his life didn’t matter.

No prophecy was penned of this taming of the world through sweat, tears and blood. Yet it happened all the same. It is here that the greatest of all tales has its start in the most unlikely of decisions. And so our story begins…

Adrian Vitilian, Imperial Historian 3201 AI

Charles writes on art, history, politics, travel, fantasy, science fiction, poetry. BA, MA in Political Science, Phd Pending. Inquires:

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