Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

I do not know what to do
Pressed to be the best
Pursued a BA, MA, PhD
Cost money, money, more money
Cast adrift in debt

My empty pockets
Stipend not enough
Running scattered for work
We are sorry, they say
You are overqualified

I yell that I do not care
That I would not have applied
If the work did not apply
Please, just let me work
Oh god, please, any work

Please, forgive me love
I promised a large house and larger family
But debt has its hooks in me
Bills rending my fingers
I hope you can, forgive me

© 2019, C. Beuck All Rights Reserved

Charles writes on art, history, politics, travel, fantasy, science fiction, poetry. BA, MA in Political Science, Phd Pending. Inquires:

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